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The 5 Golden Age Scenes That Defined Guts & Griffith’s Relationship

The relationship between Guts and Griffith is complicated, compelling, and central to the tale of Berserk. Here are their biggest developments of all. The¬†Berserk¬†anime/manga¬†series is widely renowned for many reasons.¬†While¬†the late Kentaro Miura¬†knew how to draw exciting and brutal action scenes, the heart of¬†Berserk¬†is the emotional and personal connections between¬†its characters, adding a palpable human […]

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Berserk: Why Griffith Never Returned Casca’s Feelings

Though they harbored strong feelings for one another in Berserk, here’s why Griffith and Casca ultimately couldn’t work as a couple. In¬†the¬†widely acclaimed¬†Berserk¬†anime and manga series,¬†complex and heartfelt relationships drive¬†the¬†story just as much as engaging¬†action scenes. The relationship between Casca and Guts is one of the key storylines of¬†the original¬†Berserk¬†manga, but it was built on […]

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New Berserk Chapter Will Also Include Memorial to Kentaro Miura

Publisher Hakusensha announces a “new chapter” of the Berserk manga, which will also memorialize the series’ late creator, Kentaro Miura. A new chapter of the¬†Berserk¬†manga will be published in¬†Young Animal¬†magazine. According to¬†Anime News Network,¬†new chapter will memorialize creator Kentaro Miura, who suddenly passed away in May at age 54¬†due to an acute aortic dissection. The […]

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