About Berserk’s Giant Dragon Slayer Sword

Berserk’s Giant Dragon Slayer Sword: The Secrets

Guts’ Dragon Slayer is one of the most powerful and huge swords in the manga. The notorious weapon from Berserk is one of the series’ most powerful swords, capable of cleaving dragon skulls in half but also being far too heavy and dense for a typical human to handle. The Dragon Slayer may appear to be simply another generic, massive sword with no backstory at first look. It’s something that Guts does. It’s a substantial structure. This appears to be it at first glance.


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About Berserk’s Giant Dragon Slayer Sword

Those who go deeper into the Berserk mythos, however, will discover that the Dragon Slayer is considerably more than meets the eye. It’s perhaps one of the most perplexing weapons ever developed in anime, not because it’s especially sophisticated, but because this slab of iron managed to become far more powerful than it was ever supposed to be.


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About Berserk’s Giant Dragon Slayer Sword

About the origins of the sword, Godot, a blacksmith, was the first to create the Dragon Slayer. Godot began his life as a weapons outfitter in the castle of an old monarch, and would eventually be reduced to poverty in a hovel. Godot responded to the king’s request for a sword capable of slaying a dragon, but he didn’t want to make a beautiful, attractive weapon. Alternately, he created a weapon that could literally split a dragon’s bones in half: a huge slab of metal heavy enough to break bone and destroy corpses but too cumbersome to be wielded effectively.
Enraged by Godot’s new weapon, the king exiled him to the kingdom’s subterranean mines, where he lost all of his fortune. The sword stayed in storage for years until Guts discovered it after the Eclipse while battling an Apostle. While Guts was fighting the monster, he came across the Dragon Slayer and shattered the foe to bits with a few strokes of the sword. Guts is the only one who can handle the sword at the moment. After apprehending Guts, it took many Holy Iron Chain Knights just to raise the sword, much less swing it.


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About Berserk’s Giant Dragon Slayer Sword

The Dragon Slayer, while being intended to destroy dragons, has never actually slain one. It killed a dragon-like Apostle named Grunbeld, but it never killed a real dragon. Guts, on the other hand, has used the sword to slay armies of spirits, demons, and monsters. It’s also the only weapon that has been known to harm members of the God Hand thus far. However, this has less to do with the Dragon Slayer’s innate characteristics and more to do with how Guts’ usage has changed the weapon.
Before Guts faced Slan, one of the God Hand, the Skull Knight inspected the sword and discovered that Guts had used it against so many demons that it was virtually baptized in the blood of his foes. As a result of being drenched in sections of the God Hand’s power, the weapon has become powerful against them as well. With the Dragon Slayer, Guts may attack and injure actual gods.


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About Berserk’s Giant Dragon Slayer Sword

The sword also possesses magical power. When the Dragon Slayer was fighting the wizard general Daiba, a fire spirit strengthened it, giving it the capacity to generate tremendous infernos. Guts utilized this power to generate a wave of flame that defeated the water beast that was assisting Daiba. However, because to the nature of the creatures Guts frequently battles, the sword itself is intrinsically magical, whether or not it is spouting flames.
In addition, in the beginning, the Dragon Slayer actually doesn’t exist because Guts’s original weapon was a katana. But the katana is changed to be a thick blade – which is the Dragon Slayer – afterward.



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